Early summer is just around the corner.

2019/06/03 20:04 JST お知らせ_en
Early summer is just around the corner.
I read on the news that hot days continue in the city, but here in Kawamata area which is also deep in the mountains in Nikko city, it is 15 degrees Celsius today, and it is a little chilly even with a thin jacket on long sleeves.
The outdoor bath overlooking the geyser, commonly known as "No. 4 bath" is not filled with hot water due to cleaning, but the valley on the upper Kinugawa-river looks like new greenery with the sound of cicadas like in the picture, and the azaleas and wisteria flowers are the best
Last week, a TV program about a bus trip around Kawamata was broadcasted, and for a moment the sign of "KURA" and the No. 4 bath were shown.
... For a very brief moment.
It was crowded with customers who came to see the geyser mostly on Saturdays and Sundays, probably because the geyser, which is a short walk from KURA, was broadcasted on TV the other day. There were many people who talked to me when I passed by and told me that they came to see it because it was on TV.
The bright green valley with fresh green is gradually becoming dark green.
The views are excellent around Kawamata that can only be seen in this season.
We are looking forward to welcoming you soon and enjoy the view of Kawamata.

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