COVID-19: Infection Control Measures

2020/08/12 15:17 JST お知らせ_en
COVID-19: Infection Control Measures
Thank you for your patronage of Kawamata Onsen Kura.

In order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, our Ryokan has implemented measures in accordance with the "Guidelines for Hotels to Address the Novel Coronavirus ".
Also, we ask visitors to wear a mask, disinfect their hands and take their temperature.
Thank you for your cooperation.


[ Measures to Prevent Coronavirus Infection ]
Our Ryokan has implemented the following measures.
1) Measures for facilities
* Limited to a maximum of 5 groups per day to prevent the building from becoming densely populated.
* Installation of finger disinfection equipment at the entrance and in the facility.
* Periodic ventilation of each floor and frequent cleaning of areas where hands touch, such as door knobs and elevator buttons.
* The front desk uses plastic sheet on the counter to prevent droplet infection.
2) Measures taken by employees
* Daily temperature measurement and health check of employees.
* Employees wear masks and sometimes disposable gloves and face shields.
* Avoid contact between employees or customers as much as possible, and maintain as much interpersonal distance as possible.
3) Measures for Customers
* Disposable masks and slippers are distributed to visitors.
* Body temperature measurement for each guest visiting our Ryokan.
* At the restaurant for dinner, each group accommodates a private room.
* At the breakfast lounge, the number of guests is limited in two parts, and there is a space between seats.

!!! Also, we ask you to take the following actions. !!!

1) At the time of your visit
* Please wear a mask when you come.
* Please disinfect your hands one by one with alcohol disinfectant at the entrance.
* Please make sure to wear the slippers provided in the building.
* Please take your temperature one by one. If you have a fever, cough, sore throat or malaise, please let us know.
In some cases, we will contact the public health center and refer you to an appropriate medical institution.
* When checking in, please show your ID (driver's license, insurance card, etc.) with your address to confirm the identity of all guests.

2) During someone's stay
* In the building, please wear a mask outside of the room, meals, public bath (indoor bath, open-air bath).
* Please avoid contact with other visitors and keep an appropriate distance.
* Alcohol disinfectant is installed where contact with other customers is expected, so please use it.
* Please refrain from talking in public baths (indoor baths, open-air baths), restaurants, and other places where contact with other customers is expected.
Please stay as quiet as possible.
* After you went to the open-air bath, the staff sterilized your sandals and boots with alcohol disinfectant.
If you are concerned, please use the disinfectant spray on the shoe box.
* We have cleaned and sterilized glass cups in the room, but if you are concerned, we will prepare disposable paper cups.
Please tell the staff.

3) At the time of leaving
* We will collect used masks and slippers as burnable garbage if they are not needed.
* When you check out at the front desk, we will take care of you one by one so that it won't be too crowded.
Please note that you may have to wait in the lobby or room to avoid congestion.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we appreciate your cooperation.

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