Can't wait for spring

2022/01/24 14:00 JST お知らせ_en
Can't wait for spring
A few months until spring. I think spring in Tokyo will be around March, but here in the Kawamata Onsen, it will be around beginning of May, which is the season for cherry blossoms to bloom.
Also, in Tokyo, it may starts to get hot in May, but in this area, you can see horsetail (tsukusi) , dandelions, mugwort, etc. around the time when new shoots of trees start to appear.

The photo shows yashio-azalea (yashio-tsutsuji) that blooms near the privet rent bathroom. This flowers bloom in late May, the colorful flowers look very impressive among the green leaves. If you can spend time sitting here, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of this bright red flower and the clear stream of the Kinugawa River.

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