Isn't this a deer?

2022/02/04 14:00 JST お知らせ_en
Isn't this a deer?
It's been cold, hasn't it? Around Kawamata Onsen, the temperature ranges from 0 °C to -4 °C even in the daytime every day, and even on a sunny day, snow on the roof and roadside rarely melts. I hope you will be able to spend your days in good health despite the cold.
In addition, the outbreak of the novel coronavirus has recurred, with the outbreak of the Omicron strain and the number of new infections reaching record highs. On the other hand, there is the news that the development of the drug in Japan is progressing. I hope the research will be successful as soon as possible, at that time I can meet my friends, talk with them while eating delicious food, and I can travel for a long distance with peace of mind.

"What kind of animal is the one in the picture with a moody face and a bushy body?" You may think so, it is an capricornis crispus that was taken by a lucky staff in the neighborhood of Kura. In the area around Kawamata Onsen, we sometimes see monkeys, deers, bears and wild boars, but in winter, capricornis sometimes appear. It's a creature you can't meet easily, so if you do, you might get lucky that day.

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