Kawamata Onsen's winter scenery

2022/02/15 15:30 JST お知らせ_en
Kawamata Onsen's winter scenery
According to the weather forecast, heavy snow warnings have been issued nationwide, including the capital area, from the other day. It seems that it is only a warning now.
In the Kawamata Onsen area, the snow has remained unmelted since the end of the year, and more snow is on top of it, increasing the volume of snow on the roof.

To get here, the Nikko municipal bus passes in front of the hotel, and the snow are shoveled everyday. So if your car is equipped with snow tires, you should be able to come without problems.

It is possible that, on sunny days, the snow on the road surface will melt during the day, but when it gets dark the weather becomes cold until the next morning so the road will be frozen, therefore while driving there’re possibility that the dangerous and slippery road will make the tires slip so please be careful when you drive to our inn.

This year, unlike the usual year of global warming, there is often a lot of snow and the temperature is quite low.
To date, the lowest temperature that can be observed at this inn is -18 ° C.
Don't forget to protect your skin from winter's harsh weather.

The photo shows the Kinugawa river flowing through the premises of the hotel.
Icicles are lined up on the surface of the river like a thread of glasswork from the snow piled up on the stone.
It is a part of the fantastic winter scenery of Kawamata district.

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