Spring scenery of Kawamata Onsen area starts around May

2022/04/12 15:00 JST お知らせ_en
Spring scenery of Kawamata Onsen area starts around May
Today was like a summer day in some places, but here in Kawamata, the temperature was over 10 °C even in the daytime.
Our Ryokan, located at an altitude of 1160 meters, has a temperature difference of about 10 degrees Celsius compared to urban areas.
The trees in the surrounding area are finally starting to sprout, and the tips of the branches are swelling.

Golden Week is just around the corner.
There is only one cherry tree on the premises of KURA, but it was in bloom from April 29 last year.
It grows from the opening of the open-air women's bath to the cliff on the opposite shore, so I think you can see it from the suspension bridge.

The photo was taken 2 years ago in May when I looked down the river from around the open-air bath No.4.
You can see fresh green on the lower part of Kinugawa River river and the upper part of cliffs on both banks.
After that, the green color became deeper and deeper toward summer, and the autumn leaves began to change color around the middle of October, and from around the end of December, there was a snowy landscape.
We hope you can enjoy the scenery with different colors in each season while soaking in the hot water of the hot spring source.

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