The spring cicadas started singing.

2022/05/24 15:00 JST お知らせ_en
The spring cicadas started singing.
Do you say "C" or "G"? I can hear such an insect's voice.
[The Voice of Spring Cicadas]
Around Kawamata Onsen, Ezo spring cicadas start to sing around the middle of May.
Then, this time, a bright bird song like the early morning background music.
[Voice of Blue-and-white Flycatcher]
Blue-and-white Flycatcher is also called the "Blue Bird of Happiness.".
Since the week before last, I have been awakened by Blue-and-white Flycatcher's voice very close to my eyes every morning, but I can't find him.
This Blue-and-white Flycatcher is said to be a little bigger than a sparrow, so I think it's hard to find it hidden in trees.
It's supposed to be as close as a window.

The photo shows spring cicadas perched in a maple tree in the KURA parking lot around the middle of May.
The leaf of the autumn leaves at this time is still a new bud, so it is not open like a palm, but it is open like a autumn leaf now.

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