The lowest temperature forecast for tomorrow is -10 degrees.

2023/01/23 16:00 JST お知らせ_en
The lowest temperature forecast for tomorrow is -10 degrees.
A nationwide cold wave is coming.
Here at Kawamata Hot Springs, it was barely 2 degrees at 2:00 PM.
As of 4:00 PM, it is -1 degrees, very cold.

The picture is of snow shoveling during a heavy snowfall several years ago.

It will be at an altitude of 1160 m, about the same as Hokkaido, but it will be a bit colder this week.
I feel more chilled than ever.
This nationwide cold wave is said to be the strongest in its class once in decades.
Watch out for heavy snow, blizzards, and frozen water supplies in areas where temperatures have not been consistently negative.

Going from water to ice increases volume by 10% by itself.
Water stopped in the water pipe may turn to ice and cause the water to burst.

Even in our Ryokan, every year when the temperature falls below zero, we make sure to have a 'water choro dashi'.
Leave the pipe running from a faucet or other place where water comes out to about 2-3 mm in diameter to prevent water pipes from freezing and bursting.
All faucets and all toilet faucets are eligible.

I hope everyone will consider the measures and get through this severe cold wave.

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