2023/04/06 18:00 JST お知らせ_en
Kawamata Onsen has a geyser.
When things were going well here, the hot water bubbled out about 2 30 m every hour or so.
Our neighborhood is less than a three-minute walk from our Ryokan.
You can also see it from bath 4 of the open-air bath, but after it sank in the Kinugawa River due to Typhoon 19, it was only steaming.
There was no smoke at the end of last year, and at the same time, the amount of hot spring water in our Ryokan decreased a little, which probably caused some inconvenience to visitors.
Our hot water is a natural blowout system, so adjusting the amount of hot water is not something that can be done manually, but we are very sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Since the beginning of last month, the geyser has also started to steam.
The amount of hot water in our hot spring has returned.
Right now, the snow has melted around Kawamata Onsen, and the leaves are just sprouting along with mugwort and dandelion, and the scenery is still monotone color, but I think it will gradually sprout and you will be able to see the mountain scenery of fresh green.

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